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Like to experience some of the Far East in Bavaria? Visit the HIRO Restaurant in Buxheim, where you can go on a culinary journey and immerse yourself in the delicious world of Japanese cuisine. For lovers and connoisseurs of Asian food, the restaurant offers a huge range of traditional Japanese dishes, which are served in a comfortable atmosphere. As well as offering a large choice of different Japanese dishes, the HIRO restaurant takes great care to create a pleasant atmosphere.

Head chef Morihiro is personally responsible for the culinary delights. Following his apprenticeship Morihiro spent many years at the internationally renown Tsukiji Tamura Restaurant in Tokyo and learned from the best in the business. In his own restaurant, HIRO in Tokyo he continued to gain the invaluable experience that he is now able to implement in the HIRO kitchens. His colleague is Shinko, who herself can look back on over 75 years of experience in the family's gastronomical background. Together, they make sure that every visit to their restaurant is a memorable experience.

Our Japanese restaurant in Buxheim:


A japanese family tradition...

It is not only Japanese food which has a long tradition. The HIRO restaurant may not have been in Buxheim for that long, but it too looks back on many years of history and experience. Its tradition takes us back to the family of the owner, Shinko Wirz. Hospitality and serving traditional dishes is in her blood and she is proud to be able to continue the family tradition in Germany.

The foundation for this tradition of gastronomy was laid about 75 years ago by Shinko’s great aunt Hatsue Tokuda in Fokuoka. There, in the south of Japan, she opened a stall for the special Japanese udon noodles and very soon, people were wild about her dishes. The next step after the snack bar was the Ryotei Restaurant „Kureha“, which soon gained an excellent reputation for high-class Japanese cuisine and attention to every detail.

With her great-aunt for inspiration, running a restaurant is a matter of honour for Shinko whose priority is the wishes of her guests. Of importance here is a harmonious experience, in which service and atmosphere go hand in hand with food and drink in making the guests happy – and the HIRO restaurant claims to do nothing less than this.


Image: Great Aunt "Hatsue Tokuda"

Experience the variety of Japanese Cuisine...

Japanese food is something very special – indeed it was declared as a UNESCO world heritage in 2013. For the Japanese, eating is not just about taking in food, it is a true celebration. The most important element of when prparing Japanese food is to use fresh ingredients and a wide variety of exotic herbs and spices. Thus, simple foods become dishes to delight the palate of the most demanding connoisseur.

Recipes are handed down from generation to generation and fans of Japanese cuisine will find everything here that their heart desires. The menu offers a huge choice of Japanese delicacies, the sushi is of course freshly prepared as the guest orders and as well as traditional meat dishes, you can also find many highlights for vegetarians.

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Let's get creative...

A special feature of the HIRO restaurant is that you can order main dishes and side dishes separately. That means that every guest can put together his own meal and, unlike we do in the west, choose exactly what he fancies. Japanese style elements give the comfortable furnishings an Asian flair and make it easy for guests to leave their everyday lives behind and concentrate on enjoying themselves for a few pleasant hours.

As well as the dishes that can be individually combined, there are of course also three and four course meals which offer a special all-round culinary experience. For those with a sweet tooth there are also delicious Japanese desserts, which leave you wanting more. From the starter to the dessert, everything is prepared with loving attention to detail – which you can taste!

Guests who have already experienced the hospitality of the HIRO are very impressed. As well as the food, which is known as a culinary highlight far beyond the borders of Buxheim, they praise the very friendly and thoughtful service. If you visit the HIRO, you feel more like a friend than a guest, the Japanese cordiality will delight you.

Drinks in Restaurant HIRO...

Of course, you need the right drinks to go with a good meal and good conversation. In Japan, going "out for a drink" is always accompanied by a meal, however small. One begins with beer and edamame, with sake there is then a variety of small side dishes and to go with shochu one usually finds a large spectrum of meal combinations. In this respect, the restaurant is very cosmopolitan and offers not only regional specialities form the Hofmühl brewery, but also a selection of German and Italian wines.

Sake, the traditional Japanese rice wine, has also found a lot of fans here in Germany. Take part in a sake tasting evening and get to know and enjoy the many facets of this special drink. Not yet quite so well known, but just as delicious, is shochu, a spirit which is often called “Japanese vodka.”

The selection of drinks does not only bring out the wonderful tastes, but also invites visitors to the restaurant to linger on and enjoy a drink with friends or family. A lovely evening in good company thus comes quietly to an end and rounds off this unforgettable experience. The HIRO restaurant team looks forward to welcoming you.

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Misodama 味噌玉 - Misopaste Kugeln für Zuhause

Zum Mitnehmen oder als Geschenk

  • Wakame Seetang, Frühlingszwiebel und frittierte Zwiebel
  • Kimchi (scharf eingelegter Chinakohl) und Käse
  • Lachs und getrockneter Rettich


Ganz einfach zuhause zubereiten

Ganz einfach mit 200 ml heißem Wasser auflösen und eine Portion Misosuppe ist fertig!. Die Kugeln halten im Kühlschrank ca. eine Woche, im Tiefkühlschrank ca. einen Monat.


Enjoy Japanese culture...

The owners of the HIRO restaurant aim to make it possible for people to experience the traditions of Japan here in Bavaria. For this reason, they do not just offer Japanese food, they also arrange special events such as cooking courses, Taiko (live music) and themed evenings such as our “kimono night” which go beyond the cuisine we offer. This makes your visit to the restaurant an unforgettable experience and you will have the opportunity to get to know the Japanese culture even better.

If you are a big fan of Japanese cooking, a cookery course, which can be offered for special occasions such as birthdays, company celebrations and similar events, will no doubt be a highlight for you. Learn from head chef Morihiro how your favourite Japanese dishes are prepared and learn more about how to use spices and other ingredients. Here you will have the opportunity to look over the shoulder of a true professional and to learn not just how to prepare new dishes but also more about the history of these dishes. A cookery course at the HIRO is like a short holiday in Japan and will inspire you with new knowledge and exciting impressions.


Cooking course with Hiro Kitamura

Sunday, 09.06.24: Ramen Cooking Course

Sunday, 07.07.24: Sushi Cooking Course

Start: 3pm (ends around 6pm)
Costs: € 90,00 per person, everything is inclusive
Tea and water are offered for drinks, all ingredients and utils will be provided by hiro restaurant
Booking: info@hiro-restaurant.de


We look forward to meeting you...

Visit the HIRO Restaurant in Buxheim, where you can go on a culinary journey and immerse yourself in the delicious world of Japanese cuisine. For lovers and connoisseurs of Asian food, the restaurant offers a huge range of traditional Japanese dishes, which are served in a comfortable atmosphere.

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HIRO Restaurant
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